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    Tim DeTellis



    To describe myself in one word? I'm an activator. In one sentence: I like to start stuff that makes a difference in peoples lives.

    A little background about me? I grew up in the home of a pastor and we actually lived in a church for five years as a family. Then in 1983, my parents moved us to Haiti to start a mission where we lived in tents for three months. Currently, I live outside of Orlando, Florida and serve as president of New Missions, educating over 10,000 children from Haiti and the Dominican Republic. A few fun things I've started: www.laughallnight.com


    www.buildyourcause.com www.givesneakers.com www.shoeboxdrive.com




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    Invite Tim to speak.

    What happens when you live a contagious generous life? This message helps set people free from the confusing thoughts on giving.

    An inspirational message on fulfilling your God-given calling. This message helps people step over doubt and past hurt to live on purpose.

    May where you live be better because of you and how you reach your neighbors. Tim's personal story of knowing his neighbors is inspiring.

    This talk is Tim's personal testimony of how his mother canceled his abortion. Your audience will be inspired to support the cause of life.


    To schedule Tim DeTellis to speak at your next event absolutely free

    please call Christy Dillon at New Missions, 407-240-4058.

    Here's what people are saying

    Pastor Paul Gotthardt, Lead Pastor, Life Baptist, Las Vegas, Nevada

    “I can definitely endorse Tim DeTellis and the ministry of New Missions. We’ve partnered together with Tim in Haiti for almost 4 years. During that time, I’ve seen that Tim is a strong leader who lives the Gospel daily. Tim was recently at our church and shared a message on Contagious Generosity. It was well delivered and well received. I’m grateful for Tim’s friendship and ministry."

    Dr. Larry Lamb, Lead Pastor, Cielo Vista Church, El Paso, Texas

    “I enthusiastically recommend Tim as a speaker for any venue. His delivery connects with people, the message is grounded in Scriptural truth, and practical in application. What a winning combination! Tim spoke at our church and challenge the church family to a life of generosity. We’re already witnessed tangible results. You’ll enjoy his communicative style and will want him back to speak.”

    Dr. Jerry Rueb, Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Long Beach, California

    “For the past fourteen years, Cornerstone Church has enjoyed the speaking ministry of Tim De Tellis. Year after year, Tim consistently brings a fresh and inspiring message from the Bible. Tim does far more than enthusiastically represent New Mission. You can count on Tim to always be relevant, inspiring, passionate, biblical and filled with spiritual wisdom.”

    Pastor William Crook, Senior Pastor, Kernan Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida

    "Tim DeTellis is a trusted friend and faithful colleague of mine in the ministry. I have had the great privilege to partner with and witness first hand how Tim and New Missions loves, serves and equips the most destitute people in Haiti. I have also had the opportunity to spend time ministering together with Tim in the local church. I can truly say that each time my life has been greatly sharpened and deeply enriched by Tim's leadership and his godly character. Most recently, God has been using Tim to specifically challenge and encourage myself and the members of the Kernan church family toward a greater ministry of generosity...This message of "Contagious Generosity" that Tim shared has had a tremendously powerful and freeing effect on each of our lives. I would encourage you to strongly consider inviting Tim DeTellis to share with your people about the ministry of generous living...I can promise you that you will not be disappointed."

    Pastor Chris Dixon, Liberty Church, Dublin, GA

    "I firmly believe generosity is contagious. That is why I would like to recommend to you the ministry of New Missions and Tim DeTellis. I have had the privilege of traveling with Tim and hosting him in my church. If you want your people to understand the heart of generosity I would challenge you to expose your people to Tim DeTellis and his passionate message of generosity."